Explore Which Tools Are Useful on Ubuntu for Managing the Web Hosting Account

The awesome control panel of your web hosting account enables you to perform various tasks online where you don’t need to download and install any software for your local computing system. Undoubtedly, it saves your time and attempt needing for download different apps and software. People, who often travel and are required to manage their account, check emails or upload files can be benefited from the control panel of web hosting. You can also get the advantage of certain features executed by the software installed on your computer. Let’s have a look on the list of some helpful tools for Ubuntu operating system and managing a web hosting account.

  • FTP Client

In order to manage and control the files of an account, one of the important tools is an FTP client as it allows its users to apply a secure encrypted connection that keeps the account to be connected and make necessary changes. They can also change the file authorization and recursive changes automatically with the help of GUI interface. They can restrict the bandwidth for uploading or downloading and compare directories and files. Moreover, setting the priority for downloading files and command for executing the end of download can be changed by the users. Of course, the users get the facility of their control panel available with the online file manager, but there are restrictions in the use of that file manager. But with a local FTP Client, they don’t have to suffer with this limitation. For Ubuntu, FileZilla FTP client is considered to be the best.

  • Mail Client

For a web hosting account, email and its usage are the essential part. Now the users have the choice to either store their emails on server or download them on the personal server. For Ubuntu Linux, it is suggested to download Thunderbird and access the emails.

  • Website Copier

Though the users don’t need the tool always, however, a website copier works as an extraction tool to backup and troubleshoot the website. It copies all the files and folders and store them on the personal computer in the same file or folder structure as remains on the server. The website visitors can view the error codes and other warnings provided by the copier logs. For Ubuntu, WebHTTrack is considered to be the ideal solution.

  • Image Editor

If an user doesn’t have the experience in image editing, it is quite challenging to get the images ready for the web. Therefore, they need an image editing tool to crop, resize, put labels and arrows and change the image formats. When some image editing software are expensive, a large number of alternatives are also available free on Ubuntu. For basic image editing purpose, you can use Shutter when the experts can use GIMP.

  • Terminal Emulator

For the advanced web hosting users, PuTTY is an ideal free terminal emulator that allows the users to run commands on their hosting server with the help of a software on local computers. It is especially helpful to run scripts or commands excluding any Graphical Interface or which cannot be run with the browser.

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