How Simplicity Linux Is Far Better Than Puppy Linux

In order to provide you the simple experience of running a fully power Linux operating system in any desktop, Simplicity Linux has been designed. Of course, it is a derivative of Puppy Linux. If you have already used Puppy Linux but are not familiar with Simplicity, then you must miss some exciting computing experience with Linux. Puppy Linux is compatible to both new and old home-using computers.

Although Simplicity Linux is developed in the shadow of Puppy, but it is not the exact clone. Of course, there is the shadow of Puppy desktop in its look and feel, but Simplicity Linux provides you more meticulous release schedule with more options and improvements.

What’s New in Simplicity?

The latest release cycle of Simplicity is 16.04. It can perform in LXDE as its default desktop environment. From Desktop to Netbook, X, Media and Mini – numerous editions are available with standard Simplicity line.

Where the Desktop edition provides a bunch of software for usual usage, the Netbook editions offers the cloud-based software. To provide easy accession to the lounge PC users, the Media variation has been developed whereas Mini and X are far different from the others.

Something Different

Among Simplicity Linux version 16.04, two interesting distro’s experimental developments may catch your attention.

As the experimental version of Simplicity Linux, the Simplicity X edition develops from release to release. Therefore, there is hardly any consistency in features or designs. Because of the stability, the 4.4.4 Linux kernel is compatible to the current beta version. Hence, the developers prefer to use this kernel for other versions of 16.04.

The Windows users, who are looking forward to adopt Linux operating system, will definitely prefer this version of X. Actually the aim of designing this version is to make Linux less complex for the new users.

Software Situation

One of the most attractive features of Simplicity Linux is its well-stocked software that can be found in the insubstantial editions. Prevalent to Puppy Linux, Simplicity adopts a wide range of system tools. The inventory part of this software is perfect to carry out daily business and personal computing tasks. It has been found that most of the parts, there is no lightweight or stripped down packages are there.

For example, you will find the package of LibreOffice 5 office suite, the Firefox Web browser, the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) and WINE in the X edition. Moreover, the software stocked in the X edition are also filled up in the Mini edition as well except GIMP.

Though Close, But Not Perfect

However, there are some minor limitations with Simplicity Linux found in its current and older version. Because of the variety, Puppy Linux is compatible with different package systems. But in this respect, Simplicity Linux falls far behind from the full-fledged latest Puppy Linux release.

For the poorly designed websites, Simplicity Linux may create problem and the new or potential users find difficulty to find out information, download or install anything.

Final Words

Many users prefer the earlier version of Simplicity Linux since they get more usable computing experience from that. However, Simplicity Linux is simple enough to use but those Puppy Linux centric users need some time to adopt with its derivatives.

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