Ubuntu 17:04 and The Key Novelties

Ubuntu is the newest version of Linux operation system and it’s one of the most popular operating systems currently used by millions all across the world.  This time around we would like to represent you with the newest release which is out now and it’s the Ubuntu 17:04 which was much waited for by the Linux operation system fans all around the globe. Let’s see what there is to know about the newest op. system and what novelties there are which are worth learning about.

What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is basically the desktop application for Linux operation systems. It is a freeware and it’s being developed by a company called Canonical. The interesting thing about Ubuntu is that its releases come on a strict 6 month basis. The specialty of Ubuntu is that it’s an all in one software and does not differentiate between community and commercial versions like Linux generally does. Ubuntu has several derivatives and special releases it’s also being used on mobile devices (Ubuntu for Android).

What’s so special about this release?

The fact that it’s said to be the last release of Ubuntu which is supported by the Unity desktop solution as it’s been said that the company is about the switch to Gnome’s desktop for its future releases.

How to download?

The manual download is the easiest way and all previous Ubuntu users are advised to use the torrent file for an even quicker download experience. Ubuntu as all Linux is all free, therefore there is no risk or breaking law by this action. The overall installation process from then on will be quick and as effortless as possible.


  • Swap Files feature:  the good news is that there will be no need to swap partitions in order to install the operating system. The system has its own swap file which it is to use and this means way more speed and would occupy less disk space the whole system would use.
  • Kernel 4.10: Linux works with kernels and Ubuntu is no exception from that. The newest version includes the 4.10 kernel and the Linux and Ubuntu geeks will be very glad to hear that, especially if they are using either Intel Kaby or AMD Ryzen systems.
  • MESA 17.0.2 and X.Org servers: this is sweet news for all the Ubuntu gamers as these servers would now be included by default.
  • Applications: there will be many novelties in terms of applications, especially when it comes to the inclusion of the latest LibreOffice 5.3 the Calendar applications which work excellent with Firefox especially. The fans of music and videos will largely appreciate the newest version of Rhythmbox 3.4.1 which is currently said to be way better than Google can offer.
  • All around improvements:  the rest of the improvements include finely tuned process, performance and security based features which make the new Ubuntu run smoother, faster and more reliable than the previous version. And of course, as a big extra from the very start, it is all free to download and to use as well.

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