A Complete Guide To Use Ubuntu

Today, the Ubuntu continues to remain the most famous Linux desktop distribution system. Actually, the Ubuntu is a free and open source software operating system, which runs from desktop to cloud. It connects all of your internet connected things such as desktop, cloud, loT, server and containers. It has offered a lot of benefits to the users. Initially, the Ubuntu is specially designed to use very simple and also easy to install. One of the main reasons for the growing popularity of Ubuntu is detecting all your hardware, setup the network and allows the user to configure the operating system more easily via its interface. This is why; the Ubuntu users feel more comfortable to use and work in the Ubuntu environment. Another interesting thing about this operating system is supported very well than any other distribution.

At present, the Ubuntu is considered as one of the most famous operating systems in the world across several open stack and public clouds. The Ubuntu OS is completely different from windows, but many of its features are similar. Now, this OS comes with a large amount of preinstalled programs. It also has its own media player for videos and MP3 and so on that works very well. It has built-in software, where the user can access 2700 free Ubuntu programs. However, this operating system is very stable and easy to use. When it comes to the installation process, it is slightly different from windows, but not complicated. You just download and install it in few minutes.

Installation guide for Ubuntu:
If you want to know the installation instructions for Ubuntu, you just check out the step by step guide given below:

  • Before starting the installation procedure, you need to consider the system requirements.
  • Many computers will boot automatically from USB, so you just insert the USB flash drive and then restart your system.
  • After selecting to install the Ubuntu, you have to prepare for installing the Ubuntu. In this step, you will ask third-party software and updates.
  • If you would like to install Ubuntu over other operating systems, you can use checkboxes to select and delete the existing OS.
  • After configuring your storage space, you start installation by simply clicking on Install Now button.

Top reasons to use Ubuntu over windows:
The major reasons to use Ubuntu over windows are included a lot of benefits. It is free of charge and it takes up very less space on a hard drive. This OS is immune from viruses and does not need any antivirus program. More than this, the Ubuntu’s user community is one of the largest among the Linux world. The Ubuntu has been backed by Canonical, which is a large company with strong capital. This operating system has a whole bundle of applications, so the user can easily find them when they need. These applications contain open source license, which allows the software to be redistributed depends on your needs. Therefore, the Ubuntu is still now a good Linux distribution.

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