A New Way to Reward Employees

Giving gifts or appreciation to employees is an important practice for leaders to implement. company gift hk If your fellow reader is a leader, remember when was the last time you gave a gift to your employee? A month ago, six months, or maybe a year ago?

And, for the fellow readers who play the role of employees, do you remember how you felt the last time your manager said you did a great job and gave you a gift? Won’t be forgotten, will it?

That’s why it’s so important to take the time to praise employees for a job they do well. One study from a leading University in the United States showed that recognition makes employees feel better and this motivates them to continue to do well. Well, here are 20 ‘unusual’ ways we can reward employees today.

  1. Become a “one day CEO”
    Have you ever heard of a form of appreciation like this? I don’t think so. This is indeed unique, let employees who excel to become “one day CEO”. For example, they can give a speech at a work meeting that day – Chris Brennan, Performance Specialist
  2. Shop with Team
    According to Jill Evans Silman, if one of the department’s teams succeeds in achieving the given target, this appreciation can be applied by the leaders. Take them to the mall, and give them a certain amount of money with the allotted time. For example, give the employee who excels at 500 thousand rupiah and give him one hour to spend. To make it more fun, the rules are that employees are only allowed to buy things for themselves, not for their wives, husbands or children. Fun huh?!
  3. Lunch with Company Leader
    Steve Moore as Director of the HR center of excellence argues that take our employees to lunch, and let them decide which restaurant they want. As much as possible, you and your employees don’t talk about work at all. We can exchange job topics with topics about hobbies, interests and talents possessed by employees. Make the lunch session very interesting.
  4. Play Auction as an Act of Service
    Another idea that Jill Evans Silman came up with was to give all employees fake money to play auctions. What’s up for auction? What is being auctioned is the services that will be provided by the management such as washing cars, cooking food, doing employee work for 6 hours, and so on. If one of these activities gets the highest auction money, then the management must have the courage to do it.
  5. Company Clothing
    Well, Mary Lawrence has an interesting idea, namely, giving a t-shirt or hat with the company logo as a ‘thank you’. Wow, who doesn’t like getting free clothes, let alone a company logo.
  6. Attend the Guest Gala
    Price Corinn as Director of Community Engagement gives a slightly different idea. If the reader’s company has a partnership with a charity or non-governmental organization, buy them tickets to dinners or events from that institution. It is interesting that employees also have new experiences with them.
  7. Team Lunch with a Specific Theme
    Similar to the lunch prize proposed by Steve Moore, Lynne Klein suggested that a themed lunch be held outside the office. For example, lunch with a traditional Javanese theme in a city park. Wow, fun huh?!
  8. Volunteer Project with Team
    Try getting employees to organize volunteer projects in specific communities and let them choose the community they want. Lynne Klein believes that this appreciation activity is very beneficial for employees.
  9. Say ‘Thank You’ at a Special Meeting
    Again, Jill Evans Silman gave another brilliant idea, namely by calling an outstanding employee to a special meeting with another management team and thanking the employee. perrier jouet Wow, he must be really touched.
  10. Certificate of Achievement
    Kelley M Zanfardino gave an idea by making certificates for outstanding employees who succeeded in carrying out certain achievements.