Pal Or Foe? The Function Of Recent Technology In Conflict And Peace

modern technology

In fact, with the onset of computers in schooling, it has become easier for academics to impart data and for students to acquire it. The use of technology has made the method of teaching and studying all the more gratifying. Schools continue to have inflexible schedules that students should comply with.

Since “necessity is the mom of invention,” all invented technology was created to fulfill the wants of a society and is thus innately tied to the culture and its populace’s behaviors. On a macro-scale, the society may merely use the technology to survive and thrive, or it may assist the society to evolve and attain higher levels of global progress by making a larger level of societal effectivity. At the identical time, on the micro-scale, technological developments may even change human behavior to the point of altering human adaptive mechanisms and thus affecting organismal evolution. These evolutions have reached …