How do countries protect themselves from a nuclear attack?

How do countries protect themselves from a nuclear attack?

There has always been a slight tension in the world due to the threat of nuclear war. However, there is also the possibility of radioactive fragments entering countries by land. To prevent this, a radiation monitoring system is used at the borders of countries, as well as at ports and airports. These systems are so sensitive that they can detect radiation from radioactive fragments the size of a grain of rice. In fact, when a country suspects that hazardous materials might enter by road, they deploy a mobile cargo inspection system that allows them to analyse motorbikes, cars, trucks, and even trailers in real-time. The system has an arm that unfolds to form a “frame” through which the vehicles to be analysed pass. The scanning is performed in real-time, so the vehicle can pass slowly, without having to stop. It avoids congestion on busy roads.

Safety protocols

Each country has different safety protocols according to its geographical location and surrounding countries. Countries such as Iceland only have to monitor the transit of ships and aircraft. Countries like Hungary share a land border with countries that can be dangerous. Here, they have to monitor every single access point by land and air. Each country designs its own protection protocols and sometimes this protection is increased when unusual activity is detected. Each country’s intelligence services are constantly monitoring the Internet and other media for possible ingress of radioactive material across some of their borders. With new detection systems, security forces can act with greater speed and intelligence. For example, if they detect a vehicle with radioactive material, they can set up a checkpoint ahead to stop it safely. The person carrying the radioactive material will not suspect anything until arrested.

It’s not a bomb

You may think that they can only carry a nuclear attack out with the explosion of an atomic bomb. However, enriched plutonium is radioactive and can be used in small quantities to attack specific individuals, such as politicians or owners of large companies. Even if it is not a bomb, it can still cause the damage the perpetrator wants. In fact, there are hand-held radiation detectors that can be worn at events involving important people. These detectors work in the same way as a hand-held metal detector, emitting a beep if even the slightest amount of radiation is detected. In short, there are many tools available to countries to protect against the entry of unauthorised materials, which can cause the death of politicians, businessmen, or citizens.