How to Create a Blur Effect on Videos on Android

To avoid the problem of product plagiarism or other people’s logos that are accidentally on our videos, we can use a blur effect. With the KineMaster application, we can easily blur the display. How to? Come on, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the KineMaster application on the Play Store. If so, open the KineMaster application on your smartphone.
  2. To start, click the ‘ + ‘ icon.
  3. Look for a video, in the ‘ media ‘ tool, and when you find it, click the tick in the right corner, and when you find it click the check-in in the right corner.
  4. Now, the video is ready to add a blur effect.
  5. Select the part of the video that you want to blur. Now click on the ‘ layer ‘ → ‘ effect ‘ icon.
  6. Select ‘ Basic Effects’, and select ‘ Gaussian Blur ‘ again. Click the tick in the top right corner.
  7. Extend the duration of the blur effect as needed. It’s very easy to click on the effect view and drag three dots on the back of the effect. Set the length according to your needs.
  8. Adjust the width of the blur effect by clicking and dragging the two-way arrow icon in the lower right corner of the blur effect display.
  9. Done, now we will adjust the level of the blur effect by clicking the blur effect, select ‘ settings ‘.
  10. Now you can adjust the video blur. The smaller the video blur value is still clear, whereas the greater the blur value the more blurry the video. Click the tick in the top right corner. To make it look more natural, we can also add animation effects when the video starts to enter a blur effect. The trick is to click on the blur effect, and select ‘ incoming animation ‘. Select animation, here I use the ‘fade’ animation. Set animation speed. The lower the value, the faster the animation will move, while the higher the value the slower the animation will move. Click the check-in in the top right corner.
  11. Done, now we can save the video in the gallery, and share it on social media.

Very easy right, that’s the tutorial from ‘Easy Ways to Show Blur Effect in KineMaster’. For more information, you can visit Good luck.