How to Edit Photos into Videos in the InShot Application

The closest person is having a birthday? But confused about wanting to give a present, when I don’t have money. Just make something that is special, such as photos of your romantic moments with your partner, and make clips by editing photos into videos in the following Inshot application.

How to use the Inshot application to make videos with photos is not complicated.

All you have to do is combine one photo with another photo, and give a filter or text touch. It is also not mandatory, depending on the taste of each person editing. If you are having trouble adding photos, you can read the tutorial here:

Next, add a song or sticker that can add to the beauty of the video that was made. Now, let’s start discussing how to make a video in the Inshot application using photos.

Like This How to Edit Photos Into Videos In InShot Applications:

  1. Enter the Inshot application, select a Videos
  2. Click the middle option, which is a photo
  3. Select one and click the tick
  4. Click the add button to add more photos, then select the video/photo and select the photos and click check again
  5. Remove the in shot watermark first so that the video is neat, by clicking the Inshot logo at the bottom right
  6. Select the free one, delete, or the one at the bottom
  7. Click the sticker menu to add stickers to the video
  8. Select one of the available stickers, adjust its location by sliding the sticker. If so, please click check
  9. Set how long the sticker will appear in the video, by dragging to the right of the <> section. If you have clicked check
  10. Select the text menu if you want to add text to the video
  11. Type the text you want and click check
  12. Set the duration for how long the text will appear, if it is click check
  13. Click the music menu to add a song to the Inshot application
  14. Select which tracks
  15. Choose my music
  16. Click the song you want to use
  17. Click-use
  18. Click the tick
  19. Select the filter menu to apply effects to the video
  20. Select an effect that suits your taste and click check
  21. Click save, when finished editing
  22. Click save again
  23. Select the video quality that you want to save, I use the 720P
  24. Wait for loading a few moments
  25. Success

Now your photo has become a video and saved in the gallery

And that’s how to edit photos into videos in the InShot application, hopefully, with this doodle, you can use the application proficiently.