Matt Davies Stockton Examines Tools to Improve Workflow Tracking


According to Matt Davies Stockton, in the era of remote work, workflow management is more important than ever. That’s why workflow tracking tools have become essential for most organizations. Let’s check out a few tools to improve workflow tracking.

The Tools

1. Kissflow– Kissflow is a process and project management tool that can help boost productivity and help entire teams to visualize their workflows. Project leaders and coordinators can also use it for defining responsibility among team members and keeping everyone on track. Some of its best features include access control for defining roles and responsibilities and integration friendliness. It also allows for customizable forms that help automate the entire workflow and provides actional analysis and insights.

2. Hive – Hive is a highly reputed workflow management tool that is used by industry giants like Toyota, Comcast, Google, and Starbucks. It offers several workflow management tools that help teams collaborate on day-to-day work processes and complete them as efficiently as possible. Hive Automate is one of its flagship features that lets you create and track workflows between Hive and other common enterprise apps. It doesn’t just track workflows but automates them with ‘Recipes’ with logic and triggers that lead to desirable outcomes.

3. Shift – Think of Shift as an all-in-one browser that integrates everything from apps and extensions to email accounts for streamlining your workflow in one place. It allows you to build customizable workspaces, manage inbox overload, and integrate all your favorite apps you can think of. It also has a powerful Search feature that lets you search across everything from your cloud accounts and calendar to email accounts. You can mix and match as many tools as you want and track everything from one screen.

4. ClickUp – ClickUp is an excellent tool that streamlines project plans, and workflows and allows you to manage resources across your team. This tool isn’t just highly functional but also simple to use and visually appealing. Even if you have team members across the world and have a global workforce, you can use this simple tool to keep all their work on track. It comes with reporting features, automation templates, and a lot more.

5. Smartsheet – Smartsheet used to be a good workflow management software on its own. However, since its integration with 10,000 feet, it also allows for resource management across your team. As the name suggests, it’s based on and looks like an Excel-type format that helps you think about and envision the next steps in the workflow and execute necessary actions. It offers flexible project layouts with a table view that lets you visualize tasks and offers integration with all Google and Microsoft apps. If you prefer Spreadsheet based tools, this is the right one for you. 


Matt Davies Stockton suggests that you assess the above-mentioned workflow tracking tools and choose one that best suits your needs. You should be able to integrate it easily with other apps and tools and it should also have useful reporting and analytics features.