Pay Attention to This if You Want to Be a Flight Attendant

Not only beautiful, but there are also other things that must be prepared by prospective flight attendants

Stewardess is one of the noble jobs that many girls desire. Many think that being a flight attendant is fun because we can share the experience of flying to various places for free. Even though to get the fun stuff earlier we have to do some struggles. So even if you want to explore this profession.

For those of you who may still be confused about where to go after graduating from school or college, maybe you can try your luck in this field of work. And for those of you who have long dreamed of spending daily time at high altitudes, here are some requirements that must be considered.

Height and weight must be appropriate

You would agree if we say that all flight attendants must have tall and slender bodies. The majority of all airlines will usually look for personnel with a height between 160 and 180 cm. Actually there are no specific requirements regarding the waist circumference of a flight attendant, as long as their weight is proportional. Why should a flight attendant try to be slim? That’s because their bodies have to fit through the emergency windows. And last but not least, flight attendants must be able to sit on their special seats without seat belts. For those of you who have problems with weight, proven pills reviews are the right solution for those of you who want to become flight attendants but have weight problems.

Makeup is always on but still natural

The flight attendants’ faces can always look fresh even though they have been flying for hours. One of them is influenced by the makeup used. Some airlines advise their personnel to wear slightly thick make up with slightly flashy colors. Flight attendants also have to keep their skin from getting pimpled, shiny, especially scaly. Flight attendants are also not allowed to have tattoos, especially those that are clearly visible to passengers later. In addition, pay attention to the hair bun so that it always looks neat.

Not easy to panic and always friendly to passengers

When a flight is disrupted, the flight attendant’s job is to calm the passengers. It’s not funny if the flight attendants are panicked. Therefore you must learn how to control yourself in all situations. In addition, flight attendants must always be nice to passengers. Always there when needed and be polite and patient to serve those who get into trouble during the flight.

It’s fun to be a flight attendant, but there are also a few things to remember if you want to join the selected line of personnel. And to carry out the school as a flight attendant, always choose an institution that has received recognition from the education office and has been trusted by the wider community. Good luck!